Wednesday, November 4, 2009


Have you ever visited a blog? If so, which one(s)? What are they about?

Do you have one? Do you think blogs could be useful for schoolwork?


  1. I have visited some blogs while I was online, the ones I have seen are like notebooks, where people, their propieters, update pictures, songs, videos or they just write how was their day. it makes interaction a lot easier between some people you dont know well and you,beacuse you just have to post a comment saying what you think about the updating.

    I think it could be useful for school, it promotes the conversations and arguments between students and you can get some clear ideas about what you were doubting, you just have to update your doubt and people will answer you.

  2. I appreciate your opinion, Irene. This year you will have a lot of opprotunities to discuss matters in this blog.

  3. Yes, I have visited a lot of blogs of many thematics, like sport, videogames, personal sites, and news. I haven't a blog, although I'm making a website that is the work for TIC, which stand for Technology of Information and Communication. And well, I'm going to create a URL to this blog, in order to people be allowed to visit this blog.
    I want visit more often the informatic classroom because it's fun and entertaining. I think we could participate in an english forum or something similar.