Friday, February 4, 2011


Do you like detective stories? Tell us something about your favourite detective and the author who created him/her.


  1. I like inspector Bernal...

  2. Name:Pepe Carvalho

    Important features: 1. Carvalho in a spanich detective. He was born in Galicia, but he pass the allmost time in Barcelona.
    2. He is a groumet, in the books there are a lot of descriptions of diverse dishes.
    3. He taka part in Spanish Communist Party.He was in jail beacause he "fight" against Franco's gouvernement.
    4. He also use to sentence books from his extensive library as firewood.
    5. He is a great traveller and many of his adventures take place in other countries.

    Author: His name is Manuel Vázquez Montalbán.
    He was born in Barcelona, 1939, and he was dead in Bangkok, in 2003.
    He was a fameus spanich writer. he also wrote poems, somes stories for newpapers, food critics... But he stand out by his detective's stories.

  3. Philip marlowe:
    -is a character created by Ramond Chandler
    -he enjoys chess and poetry.
    -he doesn't use the violence.
    -he lives in Los Angeles.

    Ramond Chandler:
    -he was born in Chicago.
    -he studied in London.
    -the writter married a woman who was 18 years older.
    -he fought in the first world war.

  4. NAME:
    Dick Tracy
    -Is a long-running comic strip featuring a popular and familiar character in American pop culture
    -Dick Tracy, a hard-hitting, fast-shooting and intelligent police detective
    -Reflecting the violence of 1930s Chicago
    Chester Gould
    -Was an American cartoonist and creator of the comic strip Dick Tracy, who wrote anddrew from 1931 to 1977.
    -Chester Gould was born in 1900 in Pawnee, Oklahoma within a family of early settlers.
    -He won the Reuben Award in 1959 and 1977.

  5. My favourite private eye
    NAME: C.Auguste Dupin
    -He isn't a profesional private eye
    -He lives in Paris with his anonymous friend,the narrator of the stories
    -Dupin's hobbies are the enigmas and hieroglyphics

    AUTHOR: Edgar Allan Poe
    -He was born in Boston,EEUU,in 1809
    -He wrote mystery and macabre's stories
    -He is considered the inventor of the detective-fiction stories.

  6. Sam Spade is a private detective created by Samuel Dashiell Hammett for "The Maltese Falcon" novel published in 5 chapters in the journal "Black Mask" between 1929 and 1930.
    He works in San Francisco, and is ironic and obstinate. He lies ussually, is obstinate, and had a relationship with his partner's wife.
    Samuel Dashiell Hammett was born in 1884, in a family with serious problems: His pather was an alcoholic. He worked since 14 for support his famlily. He participed in World War 1 and 2, and had an ideology anti-fascist. He had a relationship with some women, and was very sickly.
    He died in 1961 of cancer.

  7. --William of Baskerville--

    He's a Franciscan frier of the italian novel The Name of the Rose, written by Umberto Eco.
    He was an Inquisitor and in the book, the description of William is very similar to Sherlock Holmes.
    He's inspired in the real Franciscan frier William of Ockham and in Conan Doyle's detective, for his dexcription, his attitude and his name (Baskerville is taken of Sherlock Homes third novel, the Hound of the Baskervilles)

    Umberto Echo has published this book in 1980 under the name of Il nome della Rosa, and it was translated into english in 1983.

  8. Ellery Queen
    author: Ellery Queen

    Ellery Queen, who appeared for the first time in "The Roman Hat Mystery," [1929] was invented by two cousins, Frederic Dannay and Manfred Lee.
    Ellery Queen serves as much as investigator as author. He can entertain his reader by relating his own adventures or those of his father, retired Inspector Richard Queen, of the New York Police Department. Like a bloodhound, Queen is a private investigator who works from his apartment on West 87th Street in New York. His stories are famous for their realistic approach to deduction, and the full dialogues of the colorful and amusing personages who abound in them.

  9. 4B IFernández-TrujilloFebruary 7, 2011 at 7:06 PM

    J'onn J'onzz:
    1-. is born at Mars
    2-. is created by Joseph Samachson
    3-. is a super hero
    4-. is a member of the JLA
    3-. is a humanoid green and tall

    Joseph Samachson:
    1-. is born at Trenton, New Jersey
    2-. was an assistant arofessor at the College of Medicine, University of Illinois.
    3-. died of complications from Parkinson's Disease in 1980.
    4-. is believed to have begun working for DC Comics in late 1942.

  10. Jane Marple, usually referred to as Miss Marple, is a fictional character appearing in twelve of Agatha Christie's crime novels. Miss Marple is an elderly spinster who lives in the village of St. Mary Mead and acts as an amateur detective. She is one of the most famous of Christie's characters and has been portrayed numerous times on screen. Her first published appearance was in issue 350 of The Royal Magazine for December 1927 with the first printing of the short story "The Tuesday Night Club," which later became the first chapter of The Thirteen Problems (1932). Her first appearance in a full-length novel was in The Murder at the Vicarage in 1930.

  11. My favourite private eye

    Name: Sherlock Holmes

    Important features: This detective known for his intelligence and skillful use of observation and deductive reasoning to solve difficult cases, lead a checkered beret as his vest and a pipe feature.
    He is the protagonist of 4 novels and 56 fic stories.

    Author: Arthur Conan Doyle
    -Arthur initially not thought to be a writer, but intended to be a doctor, indeed, earned his medical degree but is not dedicated to that later.
    It was a lover of sports, so the often practiced, leading to even play as a professional.

  12. NAME: Jaques Clouseau (Pink Panther)
    - Is a bumbling simpleton of a policeman and detective
    - He inexplicably speaks in English with a ludicrous French accent.
    - He's kind of buffon but he has a knack for survival.Sheer luck or clumsiness usually saves him.

    - Clouseau is a patriotic frenchman.His country is his highest priority.

    AUTHOR: Blake Edwards

    - Edwards' career began in the 1940s as an actor but he soon turned to writing radio scripts at Columbia Pictures.
    - He used his writing skills to begin producing and directing.
    - The most popular films from Blake are: Experiment in Terror, The Great Race, and the hugely successful Pink Panther

  13. Name: Detective Conan
    Important features:
    His real name is Jimmy Cudo, he's a 17 year old prodigy teen, he often help the police in difficults cases. One day, he was attacked by two men who give him a poison, the poison transformed Conan into a little child, and now he try to find the cure to revert the effect of the poison and he solve much crimes.

    Author: Gosho Aoyama
    He is a japanase manga artist. He estudied at the Art university in Tokyo.Now, he is married and work at home writing mangas like Conan.

  14. My favorite detective is Hércules Poirot, he is a Belgian detective and hew is a character created by Agatha Christie.
    Mrs. Christie was born on December 15th 1890 and she died on January 18th 1976.She was a novelist, she was British and she wrote all her books in English.
    She usually wrote novels about murders, mystery, thriller, crime fiction, detectives, and romances.
    Hércules Poirot is the most important characters created by this writer. His personality was based on other two fiction detectives created by the seam time, Hercule Popeau and Monsieur Poirot.
    Poirot appears in 39 of Agatha Christie’s books and some of them contain several cases of Poirot, for example: “The Mysterious Affair at Styles”, “Murder on the Links”, “The Murder of Roger Ackroyd"...